Corporate policies

Our corporate policies incorporate all the factors (within the organisation and outside) that can affect our CCG objectives, our day-to-day operations and our long-term plans.

Access and Choice Policy

This policy outlines the CCG’s commitment to fulfilling its obligations under the NHS Constitution in relation to choice in order to optimise patient experience when choosing their secondary care provider. The policy also sets out the commitment to provide choice through understanding patients’ needs, monitoring and analysing the market and strengthening existing relationships whilst developing new ones.

Anti-fraud Policy

Complaints Policy

The policy is designed to outline the process for handling complaints generated by patients or their representatives and aims to set out clear guidelines for staff, managers and complainants about how complaints will be managed.

Driving at Work Policy (1)

Fire Safety Policy V2

GP PTG Policy

HAST CCG Formulary Adherence Checklist for NICE TAs updated February 2017

Health and Safety Policy V1.1

Incident Reporting and Management Policy (3)

Intellectual Property Management policy

This document outlines a policy for the effective management of Intellectual Property.

Internet and Email Acceptable Use policy

Management of GPPP

MCA and DOLS policy

Moving and Handling Policy V2

Policy for the Development and Approval of Policies

Prevent Policy V1

Procurement policy

This document outlines the process to ensure that procurement activity relating to clinical health services complies with relevant legislation and Department of Health guidance. It provides guidance on when to use procurement, to outline key aspects of procurement and set out key considerations to take into account when undertaking a procurement process.

Provision of Use of Work Equipment Policy (1)

Risk Management Policy

Safeguarding Adults policy

The policy aims to ensure all CCG staff are aware of their specific roles and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding adults and know how and when to raise a concern. It also outlines the role of the Named and Designated professionals. The policy is designed to take into account the principles identified within the Care Act Guidance 2014 and the “Safeguarding Vulnerable People in the Reformed NHS: Accountability and Assurance Framework 2013. As a commissioning organisation the CCG has an explicit responsibility to ensure provider compliance around adult safeguarding, this is clearly identified within the policy.

Safeguarding Annual report 2014-15

Safeguarding Children and Adults Annual Report 2013-14

Safeguarding Children Policy

Security Policy V2

Serious Incidents (SIs) Management Policy

Serious Incidents SIs Management Policy V2.1

Social Media Policy

Standards of Business Conduct v5

Value Based Clinical Commissioning Policy - November 2017

Violence, Aggression and Abuse Management Policy V2