Monthly Archives: March 2014

Scarlet Fever on the rise

A disease that many of us will remember and consider consigned to history is alarmingly on the rise. There have been over 3,000 cases of Scarlet Fever, mainly in children, reported since September. This news follows a warning from Public Read more

Health Inequalities

People live longer if they live healthier lives. But it isn’t just about your own behaviour. Where you live, whether you work, and how you use health services can all have an impact.   A man living in Stockton can Read more

Measles figures down due to MMR vaccine but not the case everywhere

The latest figures on Measles were issued last month by Public Health England and the good news is that due to a successful catch up programme cases of the measles across England are down. However, in the North East we had Read more

Oesophageal Cancer

As part of the NHS England and Department of Health ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign, I would like to draw your attention this week to oesophageal and stomach cancer.   The oesophagus (more commonly known as the gullet or food Read more

Cervical Cancer

In Stockton we are more likely to die young from cancer than people in most other parts of the UK. In this and future weeks I’m going to focus on cancer, particularly looking at what we can do to prevent Read more

Smoking accounts for one in every four cancer deaths

In the last two weeks I have written about people who have missed something that they really would benefit from. There are 10,000 women between 25-64 in Stockton who have ‘missed’ their Cervical Screening Test in the last five years. Read more

Bowel Cancer Screening

Last week I wrote about cancer of the cervix. 10,000 women in Stockton who were due for cervical cancer screening in the last five years didn’t go for the test. I hope this made you think, “who do I know Read more