Innovations Cave

In 2016/17 the innovations process is changing and the CCG will be using any innovations to help develop our 2017/18 commissioning intentions rather than biding for resources in 2016/17.

You can learn more about our commissioning intentions by visiting

Innovations: Commission new services with an innovative approach by jointly considering opportunities to improve health outcomes.

Our Innovations Cave is a forum where we listen to innovative ideas, and look at how we might jointly consider opportunities to forge new partnerships and working arrangements. The Innovations Cave is an informal and friendly forum providing organisations the opportunity to meet both clinical leaders and senior managers of NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees Clinical Commissioning Group.

The purpose of the Innovations Cave is to provide a real opportunity to recognise knowledge, skills and value of our local organisations and providers. An opportunity for you to share your ideas, and work with us on developing creative and innovative new ways of working to support our communities.

This is not a decision making forum as such, and any proposals that we would wish to proceed with would need to go through our governance/evaluation arrangement in due course.

If you wish to present an innovative idea, please email