Dr Nick Timlin’s Column

Use Stoptober To Quit Smoking For Good!

The year seems to be flying by and as we move into October, attention turns towards stopping smoking and the Stoptober campaign. Quitting smoking is easier with the right support and I am happy to use my column to point Read more

Do You Need An Out Of Hours GP Appointment?

Did you know there are GP and nurse appointments available in Hartlepool and Stockton on weekday evenings? Or even on weekends? I think my column is a great opportunity to make you aware. Read on to find out more! There Read more

Is Gambling Affecting Your Mental Health?

It has been concerning to read various articles highlighting the devastating impact addiction to gambling on sport is having, particularly on young males. It has recently been World Suicide Prevention Day and I know the horrendous impact a gambling addiction Read more

Know How To Treat Type One Diabetes

I read an interesting article recently which left me shocked to hear a young woman had been forced to give up her diabetes treatment at a gig she was attending. This tells me more awareness is needed about type one Read more

Is Social Media Affecting Your Mental Health?

I read an interesting article recently on the ‘Scroll Free September’ campaign, which is urging young people to log off social media for a month. I cannot begin to imagine the pressures social media causes for teenagers and it could Read more

Do You Know Breastfeeding Benefits?

Having a baby is one of the most amazing and exciting experiences anyone can wish to have. As it is World Breastfeeding Week coming up soon, I would like to use my column to make you aware of the many Read more

Spot Womb Cancer Signs Early

I was concerned to read recently that very few women recognise the signs of womb cancer, despite it being the fourth most common cancer amongst women in the UK. Almost 9,000 women are diagnosed with womb cancer every year in Read more

Stay Safe In The Warm Weather

I hope you have all been able to enjoy the glorious weather we have been treated to recently. I am certainly struggling to remember it being so consistently warm and dry for such a long stretch of time! I want Read more

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is made up of: a physical exercise programme, designed for people with lung conditions and tailored for you information on looking after your body and your lungs, and advice on managing your condition and your symptoms, including Read more

Quit Smoking For Good!

‘No Tobacco Day’ took place recently and although it can be a difficult task to quit, I want to make people aware of a number of helpful tips and provisions to help stop smoking. Alarmingly, around half of all long-term Read more