Dr Nick Timlin’s Column

Spot Womb Cancer Signs Early

I was concerned to read recently that very few women recognise the signs of womb cancer, despite it being the fourth most common cancer amongst women in the UK. Almost 9,000 women are diagnosed with womb cancer every year in Read more

Stay Safe In The Warm Weather

I hope you have all been able to enjoy the glorious weather we have been treated to recently. I am certainly struggling to remember it being so consistently warm and dry for such a long stretch of time! I want Read more

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is made up of: a physical exercise programme, designed for people with lung conditions and tailored for you information on looking after your body and your lungs, and advice on managing your condition and your symptoms, including Read more

Quit Smoking For Good!

‘No Tobacco Day’ took place recently and although it can be a difficult task to quit, I want to make people aware of a number of helpful tips and provisions to help stop smoking. Alarmingly, around half of all long-term Read more

Is it time to cut down your alcohol consumption?

As a new campaign has launched highlighting the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, I would also like to offer my advice on booze. Most of us do like a tipple every now and again which is fine, but drinking more Read more

Cervical Screening: Get Yourself Tested

As this week is cervical screening awareness week, I feel it is a great opportunity to stress the importance of women attending their smear tests on time. For people who don’t know, the cervix is the entrance to (or exit Read more

Child Safety Week: Know The Steps You Can Take

As it is Child Safety Week, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to let you know some helpful tips on keeping your children away from danger. Did you know each day around 40 under-5s are rushed to hospital Read more

Patient Participation Is Vital for the NHS

As Patient Participation Week (PPW) is coming up this June, I would like to use my column as an opportunity to let you know about an exciting event you are all invited to attend. PPW aims to promote the role Read more

Trouble Sleeping? It could be Insomnia

I was sad to read last week that ITV news anchor Tom Bradby has been forced to take time off work due to insomnia, which can be a really devastating condition. Insomnia means you regularly have problems sleeping, but thankfully Read more

Do you know how to spot lupus?

I was pleased to see many people wearing purple for world lupus day last week and want to take this opportunity to let you know more about the disease. Lupus is a long-term condition and can cause inflammation to the Read more