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Continuing Health Care

This book is about money from the NHS to pay for help and care. This is called NHS Continuing Healthcare.

  • What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?
  • Who can get NHS Continuing Healthcare?
  • Who will help you find out about NHS Continuing Healthcare?

CHC Easy Read

Breast cancer and how to spot it

An easy read version of the NHS Be Clear on Cancer, breast cancer in women over 70 campaign leaflet.

This leaflet tells you how to spot signs of breast cancer and how you should see your doctor if you have any of these signs.

Breast Cancer Easy Read

An Easy Guide to Breast Screening

This leaflet tells you how Breast Screening works

A leaflet by the NHS.

Breast Screening Easy Read

Things you might want to ask about asthma

This information is from Asthma UK.

Easy Read Asthma Medicine Card

Easy Read All About Asthma

Easy Read Asthma Attack