Falls prevention week!

Falls: Preventable, not inevitable!

This week is Falls Prevention Week (Monday 23 to Sunday 29 September).

Falls can have a devastating effect on the lives of individuals and their families. Physical injury can cause permanent disability and people’s lives change as they lose their confidence and independence.

The main aim of Falls Prevention Week is to give advice on how to prevent falls and encourage people to report their falls to a GP so they can explore the reason why this has happened. It might not just be due to tripping over something, there could be an underlying health issue.

Falls represent the most frequent and serious type of accident in people aged 65 and over.

The NHS Long Term Plan highlights how falls prevention schemes, including exercise classes and strength and balance training, can significantly reduce the likelihood of falls and are cost effective in reducing admissions to hospital.


Please use the week to raise awareness and highlight the importance of staying active – for example linking to local wellbeing and exercise classes.

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