Fertility Services Public Consultation

Plans to retain fertility services at University Hospital of Hartlepool have today (28 July 2016) been rubber stamped by the local NHS.  NHS Hartlepool and Stockton CCG will now start a procurement exercise to attract a new provider to deliver fertility services.

The new arrangements follow a 6 week public consultation held from 31 May to 17 July 2016.  The CCG consulted the public on the following three options:

  • Option 1:  A comprehensive assisted reproductive service including HFEA Licensed and unlicensed provision remains at Hartlepool delivered by an alternative provider.
  • Option 2:  Unlicensed assisted reproductive services continue to be delivered at Hartlepool and patients requiring licenced provision choose to go to an alternative site e.g. James Cook University Hospital, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Gateshead and Newcastle Fertility Centre at the Centre for Life.
  • Option 3:  A comprehensive assisted reproductive service including HFEA Licensed and unlicensed provision will no longer be available at Hartlepool but will be delivered at other sites in the region.


Option 1 was ranked the highest of the three options. 58% ranked this option as the first preferred choice, with just 19% ranking this option second and another 23% ranking this option third.

Option 2 was ranked second highest of the three options. 23% ranked this option as the first preferred choice, with 63% shutterstock_344812853-768x512ranking this option second and 14% ranking this option third.

Option 3 was ranked lowest of the three options. 22% ranked this option as the first preferred choice, with 17% ranking this option second and 61% ranking this option third.

*The number of respondents in this question varies and is lower than the total number of respondents because not all paper surveys were completed in full.

In total 1220 questionnaire responses were received during a comprehensive consultation programme that included public meetings, focus groups and other media such as digital and paper surveys.

On the evening of Tuesday 26 July, the CCG’s Governing Body, made up from local GPs, NHS managers and lay members considered feedback from the public and the advice from the Clinical Senate and agreed to progress proposals to retain a service in Hartlepool.


What happens next?
The CCG will work closely with the current provider NHS North Tees and Hartlepool Foundation Trust to ensure the current service is sustained whilst a new provider is identified and they commence the service.  Patients will be able to access services in exactly the same way as they do now.

Ali Wilson, Chief Officer of the CCG said: “One of the main themes from the public consultation was how much people valued the current service based in Hartlepool”.

“I’d like to thank everyone who took part in our engagement work and contributed to the public consultation by attending one of our meetings or completing a questionnaire.  That feedback has been vital in helping us to consider how we meet the needs of local people and design sustainable services for the future.”

Further information

Full details and background on the public consultation.

See the Equality Impact Assessment Report- ARU Consultation EIA Report

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For further information, contact the North of England Commissioning Support communications team on 01642 745401 or email NECSU.Info-Comms@nhs.net