GP Extended Access

In April 2016, NHS England published the General Practice Forward View which set out a plan to stabilise and transform general practice. The plan recognised the unprecedented pressures facing general practice and contained specific, practical and funded steps to grow and develop workforce, drive efficiencies in workload and relieve demand, modernise infrastructure and technology, and support local practices to redesign the way modern primary care is offered to patients.

GP practice surveys were sent to practices for patients to complete in 2017 and the helpful feedback was used in the service specification development.  Following a comprehensive tender and evaluation process, Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCG would like to announce that they have chosen the local GP Federation Hartlepool & Stockton Health (H&SH) as the preferred provider of GP Extended Access services in Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees and the local GP Federation Primary Healthcare Darlington (PHD) chosen to deliver extended access in Darlington.

GP Extended Access is aimed at providing additional clinical capacity in general practice, at a time when there is considerable pressure on healthcare services as a result of rising patient demand, to enable:

  • Patients to receive high quality, responsive and convenient care in a location closer to home
  • Patients to have an increased choice of access
  • An increase in capacity in primary care during early evening, weekends and public holidays
  • Support towards the reduction in the number of contacts at acute secondary care and in urgent care services

This approach is in line with our vision of developing a sustainable primary care fit for the 21st century, delivering appropriate access to high quality, cost-effective, patient-centred care, through a motivated, diverse and appropriately skilled workforce.

The CCGs are very much looking forward to building on the strong foundations that are already in place with H&SH and PHD and will be working collaboratively to keep strengthening and improving the extended access service over the next 2 years to meet the needs of everyone in the community.