Contracts (and non-contract activity)


We hold contracts with a multitude of NHS and non-NHS organisations which provide treatment and healthcare to our population.  Regardless of the nature of the provider, Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCG uses the NHS Standard Contract.  This is mandated by NHS England for use by commissioners for all contracts for healthcare services other than primary care.


The NHS Standard Contract is a key enabler for commissioners to secure improvement in the quality of services for patients. Commissioners enforce the standard terms, including the financial consequences for under-performance or failure to provide data on which to assess performance.


The standard contract itself; details on conditions; and technical guidance, are all available on the NHS England website.


‘Any Qualified Provider’ (AQP)

The CCG commissions some services through the ‘Any Qualified Provider’ (AQP) procurement route.  All providers commissioned under the AQP route will have a standard NHS contract.


Non-contracted activity (NCA)

Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCG also deals with various other providers on an ad hoc basis rather than via a contract.