Equality objectives

The Equality Act 2010 outlines specific duties on certain public bodies (of which our CCG is one) to meet the Public Sector Equality Duty more effectively.  These specific duties are to:

  • Publish information to demonstrate their compliance with the Equality Duty at least annually
  • Set equality objectives at least every four years

We have developed our equality objectives as listed below:

  1. Continuously improve engagement, and ensure that services are commissioned and designed to meet the needs of patients in all nine protected characteristics
  2. Improve and simplify the Complaints Process for patients and increase awareness of current services available
  3. Continuously monitor and review staff satisfaction to ensure they are engaged, supported and have the tools to carry out their roles effectively
  4. Ensure that the CCG Governing Body actively leads and promotes Equality and Diversity throughout the organisation

We looked at lots of information to identify what our objectives needed to be, including monitoring data on service access, patient experience and engagement with local interest groups.

We then gathered this information and shared it with our partners and members of the public. We then asked how they rated us on our services and if they agreed with our equality gradings.

By working with our partners and members of the public, we could listen to feedback and this helped form our equality objectives.

We will show how we have made progress against these equality objectives annually in our Annual Equality and Diversity publication.