Corporate policies

Our corporate policies incorporate all the factors (within the organisation and outside) that can affect our CCG objectives, our day-to-day operations and our long-term plans.

Access and Choice Policy

Anti Fraud Bribery and Corruption Policy

CO02 - Complaints Policy

CO10 - Mental Capacity Act and Declaration of Liberty Policy

CO14 - Risk Management Policy


CO24 - Prevent Policy

Combined Managing the Impact of Domestic Abuse in the Workplace Policy 1-1

Commericial Sponsorship and Joint Working with Pharmaceutical 1

Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

Driving at Work Policy (1)

Fire Safety Policy V2

GP Extended Access Equality Impact Assessment 2018

GP Extended Access is aimed at providing additional clinical capacity in general practice, at a time when there is considerable pressure on healthcare services as a result of rising patient demand. The GP Extended Access service aims to benefit every patient registered with a GP in the respective CCG boundary areas, including all patients with protected characteristics.

GP PTG Policy

HAST CCG Formulary Adherence Checklist for NICE TAs updated February 2017

Health and Safety Policy V1.1

Incident Reporting and Management Policy (5)

Incident Reporting and Management User Guide

Intellectual Property Management policy

This document outlines a policy for the effective management of Intellectual Property.

Internet and Email Acceptable Use Policy

Management of GPPP

Moving and Handling Policy V2

Policy for the Development and Approval of Policies (2.1)

Procurement Policy

Provision of Use of Work Equipment Policy (1)

Safeguarding Annual report 2014-15

Safeguarding Children and Adults Annual Report 2013-14

Safeguarding Children policy

Security Policy V2

Serious Incidents Management Policy

Serious Incidents SIs Management Policy 2.2

Social Media Policy

Standards of Business Conduct and Declarations of Interest Policy

Value Based Commissioning Policy April 2019

Violence, Aggression and Abuse Management Policy V2