Strategies and plans

Use the links below to view or download all our CCG strategies and plans. Our strategies are effectively our action plans designed to achieve our long-term vision and aims.

35. Mr S Assurance review final (November 2019)


Communication and Engagement Strategy 2018 2020

Equality Strategy 2016-2020

Financial Provider Sanctions 2015-16

Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees Local Children and Young People's mental health Transformation Plan

HAST Five Year plan

HAST Five Year Plan on a Page

HAST Local Digital Roadmap - Narrative 2016/17

HAST Two Year Plan on a Page

HSS01 - Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy

Information Governance Strategy 2016-17


Records Management Policy and Strategy

This policy sets out the principles of records management for the CCG. It provides a framework for the consistent and effective management of records that is standards based and fully integrated with other information governance initiatives within the CCG. Records management is necessary to support the business of the CCG and to meet its obligations in terms of legislation and national guidelines.

Safeguarding children and adults strategy

Stockton Carers (adults, children and young people) strategy 2013-17

Urgent Care Strategy 2013-2018